Vivid Visuals, leading educational institution in the Iranian market

Talking with Younes from Vivid Visual, an Tehran based studio and educational center.

Hello to the whatarender community! Thank you for providing an interview with Vivid Visual Studio.

You may be wondering at first why the name of our group is Vivid Visual.

The term Vivid, meaning clear, lively, and real, has been chosen because it matches our performance and is close to our main goal.

Vivid Visual is an online simulation training set consisting of 8 instructors and 22 backers to answer and support art students in the training set. In 2015, Younes Bana, Seyyed Mehdi Abdollahi, and Mohammad Reza Mohseni founded the Vivid Visual Studio in Iran, and we have trained 50,000 students in Iran up to now.

Well, like everywhere in the world, developments have been also generated in the education sector in Iran. Education in cyberspace and the basis for the formation of Vivid Visual was online education and the creation of educational equality in most parts of the country. Gathering the most specialized professors is our major mission.

The whole activities of the team are not limited to the production of video education and free content on the website, but here there is also a team composed of professional programmers who have produced many scripts under the supervision of Mohammad Reza Mohseni.

You can have a look at one of our conference here:

Besides, Vivid Visual has dealt with the authoring of numerous books.13 volumes are related to Younes Bana, founder and teacher of the group, and 3 volumes are related to Dr. Mehrdad Azizi, lecturer of the group in the BIM section.

We have been very successful in Iran in the discussion of visual education and BIM so that many users don't see Vivid Visual as a reference for computer simulation but recognize us a reputable reference for BIM.

We have endured many hardships in this area. The education system in Iran was very traditional and old, and we worked hard to accommodate a new educational system. Students were unfamiliar with virtual learning method, and much time was spent so that we could gain the trust of users. Today, users and students of Vivid Visual are working and competing in the first level of the world.

Today, the architectural simulation world is very widespread, and there is a large variety of the relevant software in the labor market. We strive to divide this fascinating discipline into different courses. Each course is related to part of the field. Each course is offered as a package.

Iran is not in a good economic position. Perhaps, many students at first turn to this field for interest and entertainment, but later, they can easily enter the work market. Many of our students work in the global market as freelancers, and many others are teaching.

The ultimate and main goal of Vivid Visual is to promote students' in architectural simulation. One of our most important tasks is that we can cause the growth and upgrading the users and prepare them to enter the market and earn an ideal income.

We always recommend to people who are new to the field is that, in the first step, they pay great attention in the selection of the right training and then repeatedly practice and don't desist from trying. Patience is a key factor to achieve professional results and never to be disappointed. To become a professional in this arena, do not be content with one or two software and raise their expertise in various fields. | IG VividVisual

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