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Author: Dušan Vukčevič, Vudumotion

Architect: Sanja Zvonkovič, Arhein

Software: Maxon Cinema 4D, Corona renderer, Photoshop, ArionFX

Work time: 7 days

Date: 2019


The project

A very talented architect, Sanja Zvonkovič, designed the Pavilion house. Her clients canceled the project, but Sanja wanted to have the house in her portfolio anyway, so she reached out to me. I was more than happy to accept the offer because I think the house design is amazing.

She put a lot of faith in me by giving me complete freedom to create the environment. I decided to do something that would make it stand out. I surrounded the house with very tall trees. This would be unusual and even dangerous in real life. There are no limitations in the 3D world-- you can imagine anything you want. I love that and I take full advantage of it. Inspired by the house design, I wanted to create many different renders. I was curious what the house would look like in different lighting scenarios, so I made a variety of renders. It’s interesting for me to see how my materials react to different lighting. Creating a mood is my favorite part of the visualization process. I love it when a photograph, movie or a render triggers an emotion or brings up a memory. For me it becomes something more, it’s almost as if it becomes alive. This is something I try to achieve in all my projects. 

The project was very successful. It blew up on social media, especially on Instagram and Pinterest with millions of views, shares and likes. Misty top view of the house is by far my most recognized image. 


The Artist

My name is Dušan Vukčevič; I live in a small, remote village in Slovenia. I have a degree in economics, I worked as an accountant for about a year. I realized I chose the wrong profession, so I quit and I started following my passion, which was computer graphics. After a few years of struggle I finally got a job at a small TV station, where I was creating broadcast animations. Later I worked in a small studio where I was a 3D generalist. I started my own company called Vudu 7 years ago, specializing in architectural visualizations and animations. I collaborate with the world’s top creative studios, companies and individuals. I frequently work with the creative studio Humdinger for Minnesota. I have a passion for design, detail and photorealism which has driven me to create numerous personal projects, many of which were awarded and published in 3D magazines and a book called Great talks about photorealism. I was selected as one of 3D Artist’s 100 most influential and talented artists in the world. 


The Upcoming

Archviz industry has been rapidly growing in the last couple of years. A large number of archviz artists and studios emerge every day. Software ease of use and the sheer amount of available learning resources are the two main reasons. I believe artificial intelligence will be doing most of the technical heavy lifting in the future and all render engines will be rendering in real-time. The best way to prepare for the future is to focus on artistic and creative aspects of this profession. Design, composition, color etc. will always require a human touch. 

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