The pursuit of perfection – Bran’s Lane by Suburbia Studio

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W -- What is the story behind the selected project?

S -- Bran's Lane project is considered to be the best and the longest one in our experience for the last year. So I'd like to reveal its backstage to attract your attention to it and to tell you why we see many perspectives in it!

We like simplicity and pay attention to every detail while working on any project.

Just after completing the work on the project from Mexico, a couple of weeks later, a client from Great Britain appeared with this sophisticated project. And we were happy that our hopes with the idea of super simplicity will come to life, what we guess you can see reviewing the renders.

Our guiding thought was to show the beauty of the Bran's Lane project both outside and inside.

© Suburbia Studio

By highlighting the features, one of the purposes of the project is to present the dialogue between nature and architecture using natural materials and colors. There is a lot that connects them here. One image after another brings together the idea of a relationship between a human and nature, showing the simplicity in shapes and objects.

During the implementation, the biggest challenge we faced was the duration of the project itself. We have begun to work on it in December 2019. It is the middle of May 2020, and we are still working on it :)

This is quite a sensitive topic as we always do our best by providing the high-quality result in a specific deadline. This is why this project differs from the many others we have done before. In order to get the perfect result, our client gave us space and time for the implementation of this project.

© Suburbia Studio

The greatest contribution to this process was surely from the Suburbia Studio Team. Everyone from the team became an important part of the great work that was done by implementing this project, from sorting the info to rendering the final images. I truly believe that many people will know about this project, and they will appreciate it. Now you will see only the pre final images in this presentation as we will improve them and some corrections will be implemented later.

© Suburbia Studio

And it is special because of all these reasons. That's why I decided that this project will be presented here. The images show much effort and hard work that was put, patience, and attention to details, and of course love to what you do.

And when it comes to the result of the project, truth to be told, I am proud of it.

On this stage, we have achieved what was expected.

Throughout the process, we learned that nothing is impossible :)

If we were to go from scratch again, we would do everything the same.

What we certainly did not know was how much time it could take but it was worth it.

© Suburbia Studio

W – This is a great start! Do you want to tell us about who you are, when did you start and how?

S -- My name is Julian Sadokha, and I am 23 years old. I have been passionate about photography and filmmaking since childhood.

© Suburbia Studio

At college, I also became interested in design and architecture. I started doing my first visualizations on paper. They were house plans, drawings, and sketches according to my own ideas. Once, as an architect-freshman at Lviv Polytechnic, I was amazed by a house visualization that was hanging on the wall near the classroom. To be honest, this work seemed perfect and unattainable to me then. And every time I walked by, I asked myself, "Could I have done better?"

That's how the story began. I devoted all the next summer to learning the 3DS MAX software from Viscorbel materials. To my grandmother, who tirelessly fed me with her delicious food, it seemed as if I was doing something brilliant. And truth be told, I thought so too.

Gradually, this hobby grew into my lifework - architectural visualization.

The first image was far from ideal. But the emotions of its creation still motivate me every time I start to work. And precisely at a time when I launched my first render in gray materials, I realized that this is a job I am ready to dedicate years of my life to.

So, in 2018, the company Suburbia was founded.

By establishing an architectural visualization bureau, I aimed not only at realizing my own potential but also promoting the young Ukrainian brand in the world. The brand that provides both high-quality products and top service.

© Suburbia Studio

W – Quite an inspiring start. Talking of inspirations, who do you consider as your CG heroes?

S -- There are many people whose achievements and qualities I consider as a good example for analysis and inspiration. I found people who differed from many others and attracted a lot of attention on the following websites: Flickr, Vimeo, YouTube,, Behance, Pinterest Here is the list of people and companies who work in CGI industry, whose works helped me find my own style:

Artem Kupriianenko, Bertrand Benoit, Faraz Fadaian, Mark Hunter, Juraj Talcik, Denis Krasikov, NORDES /, Recent Spaces, Raphael Rau, Leonardo Carvalho Vieira, Oleg Butov, Filip Małecki, Michal Nowak, Artem Trigubchak, Slava Balbek, Jordan Pierguidi, Sergey Baskakov, Tomek Michalski, KONSTANTIN KILDINOV, Johannes Lindqvist, Jakub Cech, Nikolay Shevchenko, Maxim Tsiabus, Stanislav Lukianchuk, Terodesign Studio, Bobak Studio, Andrei Mikhalenko.

And of course Ukrainians from this industry: Architects: Emil Dervish, Sivak+Partners, Balbek bureu, Olga Wood, Sergei Makhno.

© Suburbia Studio

W – What are your thoughts about the future of this profession?

S -- For many years, creation of the computing industry, there have been profound changes in both the business and personal lives of people all over the world. Especially architects and designers. Computers are becoming faster and stronger, and many people believe that the rapid advancements in computer technology over the last 30 years have “breathed new life into the world of Architecture”. What is for certain, is that the digital age is here and it is being used by architects, designers, and 3D artists to build better, more efficient, more visually stunning buildings.

The last decade has seen CGI go from strength to strength. Dominating cinemas and transforming the world of gaming, it's been one of the most talked-about technologies to date.

Something I’m really interested in watching is virtual reality. We’re going to be noticing some incredible advancements in the areas of virtual digital prosthetics with the help of artificial intelligence neural networks. Soon, people will be spending half of their lives in virtual reality.

I love the movie genre, where CGI is rarely used, but it has undoubtedly changed the world of cinema. Its potential unfolded as the gap between animation and real-life films got smaller, the blending of fantasy and reality almost seamless.

© Suburbia Studio

We know how good CGI is when it's done well, but at the core always needs to be a good storyline. CGI is one of many tools that talented artists and filmmakers used to help better tell their stories. CGI is not created by the push of some magic button. It is the culmination of careful thought, design, experimentation, and the pure creativity of artists. The impossible becomes reality and when done well, evokes wonder and awe as it transports the audience deeper into the story…

And as human nature goes, people always want better, more. It doesn't look like CGI has peaked per self. Unlike technologies that have been and gone in its lifetime, computer-generated imagery is improving all the time. Like all new things, CGI was a novelty. Now it's become the norm.

© Suburbia Studio

W -- How is your office structured?

S -- I founded the company in 2018 and in the very beginning, there were 2 people. In 2020, we are two years old and now we have 5 people in our team. On the one hand, it may seem not many. But on the other hand, I spend a lot of time with talents, selecting them, teaching and motivating them — it is a long way to go. I love my team, which energizes me and constantly makes me move forward!

© Suburbia Studio

Our company has a clear and transparent system of cooperation that allows us to understand the needs and desires of our clients. We use programs to help the client track each stage of the project and build relationships based on trust and professionalism. Programs like Slack and Miro have been experienced by us for a couple of years, and we can assure that you will be more than satisfied. We use them for collecting information about a project and getting feedback from the customers. It will be worth it, to spend some time downloading them and try.

Also, we are available by phone, e-mail, Google Hangout, or any convenient way for our customers and will always keep them updated on the project’s progress. We are serious about open communication, as it ensures we meet customers' needs and expectations.

When we are a team of around 20 people, I have a dream to invite all the parents of my team members to our office and to show them what we do. | IG suburbiastudio