The perfect color

Author: Juan Luis Chiapino

Title: Yellow Room

Software: Sketchup, VRAY, Corel Photopaint

Date: 2019

Wortime: One week to create model, lights and material tests. Render time 2 hours.

Inspiration: The interior image took inspiration from another image i saw on Instagram, I wanted to create an visual using one prominent color, whereas in the exterior the focus was the life in the garden.

© Juan Luis Chiapino

W – Hi, thanks for being with us. please introduce yourself.

JLC -- My name is Juan Luis Chiapino, I am 34 years old and live in Parana, Argentina.

W -- tell us about your journey.

JLC -- I started my journey into the 3D world doing works for the university about 12 years ago.

At the beginning I was posting some renders on facebook groups in order to find clients. That's how it started, the first clients arrived and from that moment on I haven't stopped working on images. It is not an easy life, but you must do what you love.

W – Whose work do you see as your reference?

JLC -- My references in the CG world are artists like George Nijland from Triple-D Visuals, Ander Alcar from Officina 3d, Black Canvas Studio, dna_studio and others. I really love their work and the quality they express through their renders.

W – How is your workflow?

JLC -- I think that every day we have more and more tools in the 3D world, so it is easier to do renders for everybody. We have to offer new and better ways to show projects, for example using VR images, augmented reality, virtual tours.

We have no limits.

IG | jlrenderstudio

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