The option-making process with PF Visual

Software: 3DMax, Corona, Megascan, Photoshop.

Date: February 2020

Worktime: 2 weeks

© PF Visual - Camera and lighting tests

W – Hello Paolo, today we are going to have a closer look at one of your recent projects. Beside the importance of fulfilling the client's expectations, the creation of an image comes along with personal goals and hopes. Can you talk about yours?

PF -- My goal was to make many options of mood-lighting study of one image and later develop the nicer image according the wish of the client and create a photorealistic surrounding nature using, Megascan's library.

The goal of the client was to have one image where you can see that the nature embraces the villa, giving a strong relation from inside and outside.

I used Corona in Interactive mode to find the perfect, lighting to emphasize the concept of the

Architect. It was really interesting to see how the villa change its face during the day, from sunrise to sunny-day light, cloudy sunny, sunset and dusk.

© PF Visual

W – How did you start? Who was Paolo before PF Visual?

PF -- I am Paolo Faleschini, founder of PF Visual – a visualization office based in Rotterdam.

I am architect with the passion for computer graphics, graduated in Venice with a thesis about an Unbuilt project of Louis Kahn, the Domenican Motherhouse project.

During my studies I also learned and developed visualization skills for architectural purposes. It was the beginning of a long story.

After that I moved to Netherlands and I worked at KAAN Architecten in Rotterdam, as 3D Concept Developer.

It was a great experience that allowed me to understand all phases of the entire architectural process – from developing the concept design, focusing on materialization and visualization, to the final phase of image making and post-production.

© PF Visual

During that time, I also studied Lighting Masterclass with Peter Guthrie (at State of Art Academy in Venice), where I was able to see and follow the professional

approach of masters in visualization. I’ve been also attending several other courses and seminars throughout the years, for example with Santi Sanchez.

It all showed me how important it is to constantly challenge yourself by learning new things,

improving your skills and never taking them for granted.

After this great and long experience, I have founded my own office of architectural visualization, where I focus on image making for architectural companies, interiors and 3D set designs.

© PF Visual - References and inspirations

W – Which software do you use and where do you think this industry is going?

PF -- Currently I’m using Corona software but I’m also quite excited to try a GPU base render engine in the nearest future.

I think our relatively new industry is developing fast and into an interesting direction. It’s being

more and more integrated into different disciplines, not only architecture.

Animation is becoming more and more appealing to the clients that’s why it’s important to master software as Unreal Engine. | IG pfvisual


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