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Designed an Visualized by Pictown, 3ds max + vray, 2018, 40 days

W Hi Frantisek, Thank you for sharing with us. Tell us about Pictown and how it came to being.

FK -- We are Pictown. We are not just CGI artists, we are also architects, designers and visionaries. We love visionary architecture and concept art so from time to time we also design our own visions but we are focusing mostly on architecture presentation for developers and architects. The main mission of our crew is raising the bar of architectural designs to the level of artistic work with huge storytelling value. 

Sometime in 2014 during snowboarding and looking for powder snow in Slovakian mountains a thought was born in our heads to build a strong archviz team.  Of course, we started with CGI earlier. Each alone. I ,Frantisek Kudivani, started in 2008 from scratch, from a book about 3ds max I learned how to copy and move objects and other basic functions on which I gradually built my skills, I used them to create my first personal projects. These were difficult times, there were very few quality 3D models and tutorials were much less than today.

Visualized by Pictown, Architecture: Compass Architekti, 3ds max + vray, 2019, 10 days

W – Our classic question, Who are your CG heroes?

FK -- In the beginning, we were pushed forward by amazing and timeless CGI works by our compatriot Marek Denko; watching his work has helped us make more realistic pictures. We understood that the higher the quality of the materials and as much detail as possible added to the 3D scene, it will make the whole more photorealistic. Another turning point was when we first saw the incredible animation by Alex Roman. His legendary animation motivated us to do archviz more than art or movie.

Visualized by Pictown, Architecture: Zaha Hadid Architects, 3ds max + vray, 2018, 7 days

When we started to make Archviz, the pictures from MIR also had a big influence on us. I think thanks to them, it all started and everyone tried to create a masterpiece similar to them. They set the pace and direction of the entire Archviz industry.

Designed an Visualized by Pictown, 3ds max + vray, 2017, 5 days

W – What do you think the future will bring to the profession?

FK -- We see our future clearly, because we are visionaries :)  We do not want to focus only on the creation of classic Architectural visualizations. We are mainly attracted by the creation of concepts for films or games. We also like CGI support for the automotive industry. It's great that the CGI sector offers so many options, just pick one.

Visualized by Pictown, Architecture: JANREVAJ architects, 3ds max + vray, 2018, 5 days

W – What are your work frame guidelines?

FK -- The basic rule that we follow is to notice and watch the world around us. It is the best tutorial on how to understand light, material and composition. Try to transform it into your work. | IG

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