Submarina. From a rock band to a top visualization studio

Date - 2019

Client - Savytskyy design

Software - 3ds max, corona, photoshop

Worktime - about 4 days

© Submarina

Submarina’s history dates back to 2009. Submarina didn’t have a clue about architectural visualization back then. It was a rock band.

Twin brothers Vasyl and Andrij Matsola just met Taras Kvitka who had a big passion to play drums. After lots of jam sessions, Taras became a part of the Submarina band as a kickass drummer. At the time all of us were studying architecture and sharing the room in the university hostel.

In 2014 the last university year Taras managed to get the work from Evermotion and he asked Vasyl to join him to work for them. After a few months, Andrij joined too and Submarina started its CGI journey. While working for Evermotion we started to work on our own portfolio which included some works for the university teacher Andrij Belyayev. Eventually, it has developed into a bigger team as there was more and more work coming.

In 2020, Submarina is a team of 10 talented people who create images worth stealing. On a daily basis, we work on very different architectural projects from a house in the woods to big urban developments.

Diversity is one of the main things why we love being the visualization studio. Throughout the month we could work on multiple projects from all over the world, communicate with different people whose culture and approach to architecture is unique.

It is a great way to be a part of something important and to experience all the diversity in our world.| IG

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