Red going blue. Two regular guys, one big inspiration

Title: Waves. Shenzen Masterplan. Tariq Khayyat DP.

Author: Red Going Blue

Software: 3ds Max, Corona renderer, Forest pack, Photoshop

Date: November 2019

Worktime: 2 weeks, 5 images.

Inspirations: We use any useful photography to have a reference in terms of mood, materials, colors, lighting and contrast.

Goals: Show the magnitude of the project.

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W -- Hey guys! First of all, who are you? RGB We are two regular guys, Jesinalbert Gómez and Martín Jario, with different ways of seeing and living life, but we have a lot of things in common, we both like 3D and paint in photoshop.

W -- When and how did you start your career?

JG -- About starting, I guess like a lot of people in this field, my path begun during the architectural career, then I found a job in a nice archviz company in 2010 so basically, I’ve been doing this for almost 10 years.

MJ -- I was born in Vigo, Spain. I studied Technical Architecture and Building Engineering but at that time, finding a job as a Building Engineer was quite difficult so I continued my studies on Architectural Visualization (Eduardo Rodríguez) and 3D Sculpture (David Fernández Barruz) in Madrid. I started as an architectural visualizer working for an architecture office and an interior design studio until I got a call from Beauty and the Bit. I learned a lot from each and every person I met there (Víctor, Lina, Eva, Jesinalbert, Ricardo, Braulio, David, Josune, Lautaro, Adrián). I worked there almost for three years. But I needed to come home so Jesin and I joined forces to build Red Going Blue doing some personal work to fill the web with our own portfolio. That was only a year ago.

W -- So much great work done in only a year. Your path is definitely inspiring for every young Visualizer. But tell us, when you look back who are your CG heroes?

JG -- It’s hard to talk about heroes these days, there’s a lot of people doing amazing stuff and publishing around the web, but I have to say Jama Jurabaev (isn’t a total CG guy) but it’s an amazing artist and of course Karim Mousa (because this guy is an awesome person and artist). W -- What about looking forward instead. How do you see the future of this profession?

JG -- The future these days, of course, is uncertain. But with all these tools coming out, making our life easier, powerful PCs there will be a lot of architectural studios doing a lot of internal work but this also lets us focus more on being artists and less waiting.| IG redgoingblue

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