Natural Bathroom

Autor:​ Black Balance

Software:​ 3ds max, Corona, Photoshop

Worktime: ​1 week

Inspirations:​ Nature, photography, materials samples

Goals and challenges:​ ‘Natural Bathroom“ was our personal project. Our goal here was to create the dream bathroom space with the perfect balance between the architecture and nature. And from one side, it was a great opportunity to do whatever we want, from the other it was even more difficult without all the limits we normally got from clients. We created it from scratch, we had to come up with ideas first, then to work on every detail not only from the perspective of creating a visualization, but also design, and make a lot of changes during the process to make it work the best in our opinion. Anyway, it was great fun and a nice challenge.

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W -- Let'st start! W​ho are you, when did you start?

BB -- We love dreaming and making dreams come true, discover our desires and implement them. In our life, feeling emotions has the greatest value because they are the ones that perpetuate the experiences in our memory. We love to stop moments in the way that we can experience the emotions as long as possible. The fascination with the power of the human mind and the sensitivity to the beauty have turned into our passion of creating reality through our imaginations. Using the architectural visualizations, we make dreams become reality, influence perception and create value. Black Balance was founded around 2 years ago with passion for evoking emotions and creating value. Numerous journeys and extensive experience gained in Australia and the United States have shaped our view of the world, gave a huge dose of inspiration and driven us to action.

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W -- Who are your CG heroes?

BB -- We believe that life is continuous learning and every experience changes us and our perception. We meet a lot of people during our journey (not only 3d artists, personalities from different fields) that influence our perception of life and work approach in different ways. Anyway, it’s hard to tell who we admire the most in the field of CGI, there are so many talented artists and great companies around the world, and it depends what we take into consideration. However, if we talk about the studios that influenced our work the most, we’ll need to, for sure, mention MIR and Binyan Studios.

We admire MIR for the way they tell the story through the image and how they implicate the atmosphere to their visualizations. And Binyan for the quality of their images, the great team of artists they created and how they raised the level of the marketing visualization. Other than that, a lot of times we draw inspiration from different fields - photography, videomaking, psychology, marketing, and definitely the most often - nature.

W -- How do you see the future of profession?

BB -- We’d compare future 3d artists to the photographers now. So you can imagine that a 3d software will be like a present camera. Let us explain… Nowadays almost everybody has a camera and knows how to take a picture, whatever it comes from their smartphones or DSLR. But it doesn’t mean that all of these people can take full advantage of their devices and not each person is called a photographer. Similarly for the 3dsoftware, it will be more and more easy to learn a software itself so it will be probably widely available for more people. But still, you need this artistic skill to make it look outstanding, the same as professional photographers now. So not every person which will use 3d software, will be a professional 3d artist. All in all, it’s great news for artists, as there will be more time to spend on creating art than handling software problems.

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W -- Can you share some thoughts about your unique style (do you have specific tips, a signature element in your work, an efficient workflow. Anything you have learned in the process of making that is worth to share).

BB -- Yes, we do! We’ve spent a lot of time looking for the answer on how to create outstanding images. ​We’ve been sure that 3d artists who make great images aren’t doing it by chance, luck, or coincidence. We knew there needs to be something that makes them better than others, we just had to figure this out. And we did! We found the system behind every fabulous image, the system that helped us to get the attention of the viewers, present our work at the highest level and use software as an artistic tool. This system consists of 8 steps that need to be met to create this great image: Composition, Camera Setup, Lighting, Color Palette, Materials, Assets Placement, Storytelling and Post-Production. All of them, combined together give you a great output. These are the basics which we explain on our ​Arch Viz Artist YouTube channel​ and which we teach our students in the ​Arch Viz Artist training​. And the thing is that we really see that it works as we experience it not only by ourselves but also we see great progress of our students who use these principles. Think as an artist, keep the artistic rules in mind, use 3d software as a tool to bring out a message... At the same time, remember to make the workflow the most efficient possible to have more time spent on creating the image than solving software issues.

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