Ivan Satria, founder at Kintsugi Visual, talks about working at the time of covid-19

Author: Kintsugi Visual Software: 3DMax, corona render, forest pack and photoshop,  Challenges: Showcasing our ability to produce high quality exterior renderings as well as interiors, since most of artists are specialized in interior.

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W -- Hi Ivan, tell us about you!

KV -- I'm Ivan Satria the founder and lead artist at Kintsugi Visual. Kintsugi visual is a creative visual communication studio specializing in architectural visualization. 

W -- When and how did you start your career?

KV -- This all started in October 2018 when I got the idea to run my own studio. At the time, I was still working in another studio. I met this old friend, Felix, who became my partner. When I told him about my plan and asked for his insights, we discovered a new vision for this studio and we agreed to do this together. “Our vision was to create a sustainable company that afforded a comfortable, family-like working environment for both employees and customers.'' 

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W -- Who are your CG heroes?

KV -- My CG heroes for now, mostly are Australian artists such as Gabriel Saunders, Binyan Studios, Stab studios, Third Aesthetic and the list goes on. They inspire me a lot in order to create a beautiful and realistic image.

Day 'n Night © Kintsugi Visual

W -- How do you see the future of profession?

KV -- From our point of view, in this crisis period because of the COVID-19, we as a visual artist / visual studio should be more adaptive and always prepare for the worst. We all need to realize that this crisis will clearly have an impact into our industry (Some property developers need to cut 100% of their visual budget, some need to postpone, some need to look for other ways to advertise their products with a very limited budget, and so on), we have already started experiencing it, some of our potential projects suddenly cancelled because our partners need to cut some of their budgets to continue their projects.

On another note, we should be more adaptive, in the sense that how we can utilize our technical skills to create more services beyond just architectural visualization. It can be in the form of (but not limited to) product rendering, advertising, animation / filming, or even gaming. This is not going to be an easy journey, since we need to learn something new beyond what we've done so far, but at the end this is one of the best ways to survive in any situations.| IG kintsugi.visual

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