Hotel Tulum - CG Veron

Software: 3DS Max, Vray

Worktime: 40 hours

© CG Veron

W – Hi Carlos. I am particularly happy to talk to you today, since your team has been under our radar from the very beginning of whatarender more than 6 years ago... But let's start with the project, please walk us through it.

V -- With this image we wanted to transport the viewer into the marvelous tropical forest in Tulum, Mexico. We have had the chance to visit this location a couple times before and this particular time we were able to become part of nature. That moment became our main inspiration for this project.

The biggest challenge we faced was trying to replicate accurately the magic within the perfection of nature, and integrating a man-made project into it, as seamlessly as possible.

© CG Veron

W – How long have you guys been in the market?

V -- Our dream started eight years ago, when we decided to embrace and pursue what we loved in a professional way: creating fantastic new realms in every 3D scene. This was the reason why we initiated our company and little by little started noticing that success often goes together with a lot of work, passion and consistency.

All these attributes have taken us to a point where we are now able to collaborate with people that we have admired throughout the years and take a part in amazing projects, which we are sure will make history in different cities all over the world.

© CG Veron

W -- What do you think is that makes CGveron unique?

V -- We are a team of 13 CG artists dedicated faithfully to creating images that evoke emotions and impact the viewer. We focus on understanding what the designer wants to transmit and we capture images that instantly capture the observer's attention.

We have the honor of having created a great amount of record winning images, competing in different contests and international awards. That's why we now know how to make your image transcend as more than just a simple render, making picture excel for posterity.

W – What are your source of inspiration? Have they evolved over time?

V -- In the beginning, some of our CG heroes were Alex Román and Mir, just to mention a couple, in whom we found this kind of mysticism throughout their images, beyond realism. This mystical feel catches your attention immediately as a spectator, and invites you to imagine what is past the render. Nowadays we seek for inspiration in VFX studios working mainly in movies, such as ILM, in which we found motivation to take the next step.

© CG Veron

W – Whats next Carlos?

V -- We believe the future of our profession is in developing collective interactive experiences that prioritize the continuous triggering of emotions inside of the viewer.

As visual artists, our main challenge is to evolve in parallel with the technology, avoiding to become obsolete as flesh-and-bone artists. We are compelled to engage Artificial Intelligence and to use it as an ally, not as a threat. | IG cgveron_

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