WOLF flying over Cesena hospital

Worktime - about a week

Software - 3ds max, Corona Renderer, Photoshop

Clients - Binini Partners, Cino Zucchi Architetti, BMS Progetti, BMZ Impianti, Systematica, T.E.S.I. Engineering, AR/S Archeosistemi s.c., PAISa' Architettura del Paesaggio - Stignani Associati, Studio Stefano Rossi - Energenius S.r.l

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W – Hello Martina and thank you for taking your time to talk to us. Who is the Wolf?

WVA -- Wolf Visualizing Architecture was founded by Pierluigi Di Giacomo and Tommaso Raffa in 2011 in Milan. They met while working side by side for a few years, as lead design architects for competitions: this is where they consistently experienced the need and power of telling project’s stories thorough visualization.

After many competitions Wolf was born. We are now a visualization company, happy of being able to rely on a structured team of artists, working not only with Architectural firms, but also with Real Estate, Interior Design and Product Design industries, with, in the last 2 years, around 60 active clients and 150 projects fulfilled.

W – What is the context of this image?

WVA -- We realized this one along with a set of images for a team of companies taking part in the one-off challenge for the design and construction of a complex of buildings out of the city centre, immersed in its rural landscape: a hospital in Cesena for a 14M intervention. 

This aerial perspective is a nice example of our philosophy and approach to visualization. The architecture and the project must be the topic.

W – Can you tell us about the work process at Wolf?

WVA -- At Wolf Visualizing Architecture we aim at absorbing influences from the project: we believe that aligning to the client’s concept and target is the best way to have its visualization carried out coherently.         

We try to tell a story that is evoked by the project itself: it comes from there and it needs to be respected with an honest and shared interpretation. And that said, we like to artistically approach every project in a new way, giving the proper originality to each single story, project and client. 

W – And what about the specific process for this project?

WVA -- In the setting of the communication for the project, we determined that the image aim was from one side to represent the overall masterplan of the project, making its extension and articulation clearly understandable and, on the other, to emphasize how this new building fits into the landscape and the landscape, in turn, in the project.

After many camera and lighting tests, together with the client we opted for a sunrise view: we went on site for a two days drone shooting and we got a nice base for the render insertion. This early morning view, facing the coast, enriches the outlines of the landscape and its tones, being perfect for the purpose.

The whole act of the image creating, along with the others of the set, took a bit more than one week, in June 2019. Competitions are always quick processes! We prefer this kind of tasks where the final product is the result of many artists’ effort concentrated in a short time: singular contributions and efforts become one coral and shared voice. This is the way to work we like the most at Wolf.

In this specific case we used 3dsmax, Corona Renderer, other useful plugins and, of course, Photoshop. Wide aerial views have always been one of our favourite challenges for their technical and artistic complexity.

W – Last but not least, who are you heros?

WVA -- Our CG heroes are from the early 2000s. We were used to spend hours looking for references and aiming at the best possible results in CGI for competitions: we are talking about well known entrepreneurs in our field such as Luxigon, Mir and Vyonyx. | IG wolf_visualizingarchitecture

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