Flood Slicer, Forge your own way.

Image Rationale: There is something great about pulling one over on the client and them getting the best image of the lot.

Understated realism in an image that counteracts the overt heroism of all the other images in a large set is almost a victory.  Taking the mundane at the foot of the building and producing an image that sells the notion of scale, size and majesty is often more powerful than the vibrant dusk hero.  Our ambition for this image was to create the Instagram moment that the observer would feel when the canopy opens up to reveal the tri-partite tower above.

Title: Altis

Author: FloodSlicer

Software: 3ds MAX, VRay, Photoshop, AfterEffects, Canon 5d Mark4.

© FloodSlicer

FloodSlicer has its roots in a photographic studio dropping photos of models into photos taken on film somewhere in the mid 90s.  We’ve been at it for some time. 

I (Daniel Flood) began the studio in its present form in 2006 with Samantha Slicer when we had decided that it was time for motion and 3D to come to the fore. 

Ever since we have built our process of image making and film creation and helped build the way this work is done all over the Australian industry.  8.5 hours of film and thousands of images later we are still loving what we do.

Often the question gets asked “who are your heroes?”.  Whether it be CG, film, photography and my answer is that I have never been one for emulation.  As I studied architecture I was always the one who didn’t know who Calatrava was.  Or anyone else for that matter.  And this is something I’ve carried into our work. Forge your own way.  The tools define the approach but their very nature means they need to be pushed, shaped and reformed into whatever you want them to be.  In a sense, learning from convention, stifles serendipity.  

Knowing you’ve broken into something you didn’t understand or expect and revealing a world of opportunity is one of the great pleasures of continually creating and reinventing the work you produce.  This can be found via reference or slipping the mouse the wrong way one day.  Part of this is watching the studio you’ve created re-form and change with different leaders and thought provokers who change the way you look and see things. 

The inner working zeitgeist of the studio creates the greatest moments. | IG floodslicer

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