Creating your own 3D universe - with Sergey Makhno Architects

Authors: Sergey Makhno, Alexander Kovpak​​​​​​​ Software: 3dsmax+Corona renderer Description: The goal was to create a Ukrainian contemporary style whenever you cast your glance. That is why the main accents are clay, wood, modern art, and unique lighting.

© Sergey Makhno Architects

W – Hi Sergey, Thanks for being with us. Could you give us an introduction about your studio? SMA Sergey Makhno Architects is the first design studio in Ukraine to start creating an authentic Ukrainian contemporary style. The main directions of work are architecture, interior design, product design and ceramic production of author's decor items and furniture. Once Sergey Makhno`s friend offered him to design a cafe and over the 17 years of its work, Sergey Makhno Architects has realized around 600 properties in 21 countries. The mission of the studio is to make comfort native and promote Ukrainian culture in the world. W Who are your CG heros and how over time have changed the people/company you look up to? SMA Bertrand Benoit works in the architectural visualization. He founded the company BBB3VIZ and successfully does business in CG, while his work does not lose quality, art, etc. Alex Roman. I don’t know why, but his last new work came out 10 years ago. He received a bunch of awards for his work and disappeared. He gave a tremendous boost to the ArchCG industry and inspired many architects and designers to engage in computer graphics. Ronen Bekerman has created an entire community dedicated to archviz. Actually, he is the father of ArchViz. Now he is more involved in organizing things — on his site, you can find a bunch of interesting articles, interviews with CG artists, job vacancies from top studios, or you can even participate in the contest and win a dream job. W How do you see the future of this profession? Do you think easy'n fast commercial software can represent a problem in the long run? SMA The future of archviz obviously lies not in static JPEGs, but in augmented or virtual reality. But do not worry, JPEG will always remain as a separate niche. Yes, animations and augmented reality will soon ruin many JPEG lovers in the same way as JPEG lovers ruined photographers at the beginning of the century. Only the skill guys who appreciate the art of "virtual photography" will remain. Easy'n fast commercial software will never create problems for professionals. Those customers who are satisfied with the quality of easy&fast software, will by themselves drop out. It will push the value and price of professional computer graphics.

W How do you see the ongoing battle that some new trends are pursuing against photo-realism in the name of collage? SMA Everyone does what they want to. For example, I do not use Photoshop at all. It is important for me to do everything in 3D so that I have my own universe, which I virtually photograph from any angle, and can even shoot a video. I like the way makes collages. They are the most advanced in this regard. But generally, most of the colleges are done due to the fact that people don’t know how to do it in 3D. In the collages, we have a lot of restrictions and no freedom. It can hardly be called art. | IG makhno_design

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