Athmospere and discipline with Marco Suzán

INTERKONE Tower by Louva Studio

Lobby Author: Marco Suzán

Software: Autocad 3D | 3Ds Max | Vray | Photoshop

Date: November 2019

Inspirations: Socialist Modernism, Brutalism

Goals: Generate a fresh yet warm atmosphere where two powerful assets are combined in a harmonic way. Bare concrete and tropical plants under the influence of 3000 K lights help to display an inviting and fancy space despite the bold attempt to use heavy pieces of slightly damaged concrete with aggressive edges.

© Marco Suzán

W -- Hi Marco, tell us something about you..

MS -- My name is Marco Suzán. I’m 30 years old and live in Guadalajara, Mexico.  I am an architect, musician, audio engineer and digital art professor in my own academy called AREA which I co-founded with Adrián Zuno. I’ve been a big enthusiast of martial arts for 24 years, which I consider as my strong driver to understand the benefits of persistence, discipline, practice, endurance and then apply them to my creative side. 

W -- Who do you look up to, who are your CG heroes?

MS -- I admire a lot of people but talking about CG and visual arts I try to learn much from the people who are in the same branch here in town like ver3dviz or Mike Roha. Other great inspirations to me like Ronen Bekerman, the works of State of Art Academy, anti_reality, Clemens Gritl, John DeMaio, Darío Vilanova, Refik Anadol, Caras Ionut, Michele Durazzi, Erik Johansson and many more. 

W – What is your manifesto and future aspirations?

MS -- I am the director of Marco Suzán Studio which provides services like architecture, interior design, CGI visualization, conceptual art and even music and audio engineering projects. I’ve always tried to carry myself through a multidisciplinary philosophy of life in which I aspire to acquire and apply as much knowledge as possible in my daily works. I see myself doing the same things I do at the moment, just each day better, plus any more other passions and disciplines I decide along the way.

Whatever I do, the rule is to do it because I love and enjoy it, no matter how opposite those activities are. Of course I hope and expect my career as an architect to grow and expand the team in terms of horizons and more exciting projects around the world with talented and admirable architects and CGI artists.

IG marco.suzan

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